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 How I get Free       Diamond  fromWinzo Gold...?

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 But as if I said free how to take free, then I will tell you how to top up the free Di A mond from Winzo Gold ..

For this, you come to the winzo store, here you will see the option of Free Fire here.  Winzo Gold has been patronized by Free Fire, so that you can take the Diamond Topup of Free Fire.

 For this, you have to click in Free Fire, here you will get to see a lot of options ..

 First of all, I will get 110 Dimond in 78 and then top of 583 Diamond in 425 rupee.

You first purchase a topup of 78, which will give 110 Diamond.

Refer code=WWWWJW1WX

For payment here, you can use UPl, or you can also use paytm UPI ... after payment, you will get the code, after that you have to click on Reading now, this code will go to the website Chorme browsing  By visiting the website of Free Fire, you will topup the Diamond with Free Fire 110, then the website 

will be open and these websites belong to Free Fire, then you have to select the free fire option and then click on the player i

he topup of 78 has been done, here you have to submit the player id

 Then you have to click on i am not a Robot, then log in, then you have to enter the reading code.

After all the processes, Dimamond will now be found, and you will have to copy and paste the same code here.

 Finally, you can use your diamond!