Pubg Free BC & Free Elite pass

 So let's start friends ...

 For BC you have to download an application,

 The name of that app is Winzo Gold.

 After downloading, first you have to enter the user name email ED and enter the email of the person who is on your phone so that you know the password….

You have to click on the empty box of the 3rd number of the application, here you have to complete the survey so that you get the coins and you will get it easily. You have to click for 10 dollars, then a withdrawal option will open in front of you.

 Then you can take it on paypal or also from paytm. If you use paytm, it will be easy. Now here you can get Pubg Mobile Lite 3000 BC. You can also do 10-10 by scratch and win.  Can earn BC.

ID of pubg mobile light will be sought.

 Within 24 hours you will get to see Free BC on your id, and you can even use this trick in Free Fire.

For this you will get a link, you can login it. Then as everyone has Gmail. As soon as you open, you will get a diamond from Amjonen's website, with this trick you can take a lot of diamonds, so you can send your BC  Can also be taken.

 After all the processes, Dimamond will be found now, and you will have to copy and paste the same code here.

 Lastly, you can use your diamond by going to me, so how did I get this trick.